When Karen and Andy first visited Waterways in 2015 they were both captivated by the gardens and the view.   The garden which is over two and a half acres, slopes gently down to the private sea wall where the tide comes in twice a day over the Salt Marshes of Sampson’s Creek.

When the tide is in its possible to kayak over to Ray Island,  owned by the Essex Wildlife Trust and surrounded by beautiful and mysterious saltmarshes. Not only is it home to an array of amazing wildlife like short eared owls, it has also inspired a number of classic literary novels.  The whole area is protected by the Coastal Protection Act and the view is timeless.

mersea island waterways house

The house has been painstakingly extended and renovated by Karen and Andy and designed to allow a section to be independently used for Bed and Breakfast which when buying the property was always their plan.

The three rooms are en suite and have been named after characters in Alice in Wonderland, The Dormouse, The March Hare, The Mad Hatter with the same theme evident in the dining room and guest lounge.